The 52 week Illustration Challenge

The 52 week illustration challenge is a blog and Facebook page that provides a weekly prompt for all budding artists. I originally found this blog in August and immediately decided to join in. As much as I love drawing, doodling and painting, I often struggle with an initial idea so having a focus has been very useful for me. It’s also challenging me to consider topics that I would never have thought up for myself. In fact the very prompt of “Peace” inspired the logo for this site.

I’ve managed to keep nearly on top of it, though I have missed a few over the weeks, on the other hand I have gone back and completed a few earlier illustrations. I now intend to get back on track and finish the year out in style.

For any others considering joining in the 52 week illustration challenge the blog can be found at and the Facebook page at

My very first entry to the challenge, week 32, fabric, drawn with cheapo pencil crayons

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