The Challenges



I’m going to be completing several daily or weekly challenges in an attempt to add a bit of structure to my little world and also improve in various disciplines. After all, no exellence can be achieved without constant practice, to paraphrase Lady Catherine De Bourgh. Some of the challenges I have been participating in for a while already, others I’m going to initiate over the next week or so and all will be documented here. have a list of “100 30 Day Challenge Ideas To Turn Your Life Around” that I used for inspiration.

The current list looks a bit like this, though more may be added over time:

— Daily Doodles: Draw at least one thing a day, be it a character or otherwise.

— The 52 Week Illustration Challenge: Create weekly entries for the 52 week illustration challenge.

— The Book Challenge: Read one book a week.

— The Daily Photo Challenge: Take at least one photo a day to create a photo diary of the year.

— Weekly Scientists: Learn about one scientist a week.

Feel free to join in or suggest some others!

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