Audiobooks, Free and Otherwise


I don’t particularly recall being read to as a child, nor do I remember listening to audiobooks back then. I really started to recognise the worth of audiobooks when I was in my twenties and working. There were some mind numbing data processing tasks that were a little less tedious with a story in your ear, but the best use I have found is for long drives. There was a time when I would drive the 400 miles between Aberdeen and Shropshire then back again a few times a year. With at least 7 solid hours driving an Audiobook was a lifesaver. Sometimes it was old faithfuls like the Belgariad series by David Eddings, other times a full cast version of Matilda and sometimes I would go for something a little more contemporary like a Christopher Brookmyre novel.


Having had an Audible membership for a few years I now have quite large library of audiobooks that come in very useful, I even have audio Spanish lessons. If you want to try out an audiobook, Audible have a 30 day free trial in which you can get 1 audiobook for free. Alternatively if you are more into classics then you may be in luck. Books over a certain age tend to fall into the public domain which means they can be used without breaching copyright and ownership laws. Librivox is a website dedicated to making free audiobooks using this sort of book, you can get Shakespeare, Austen, Dickens and many, many more, all for free. In fact I have my favourite audio version of Pride and prejudice from there. There are also several other sites with a library of free classic audiobooks such as and On sites like these you can get such books as Sherlock Holmes, Peter Pan and Robin Hood. does a run down of ’16 Great Websites for Free Audiobooks’.


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