52 Week Illustration Challenge: Week 48 (Warm) and 49 (History)

I’m on track! I submitted last week’s on the 8th and this week’s today (10th)- ahead of schedule for me.

Week 48 – warm (2nd-8th December), is not one I enjoyed, I saw so many cups of hot drinks, log fires and the like that I just couldn’t think of anything and so put it off until the last minute. In the end I rushed a quick drawing as you can see. Not my best piece of work but it’s something.

Week 48-warm.jpg

Week 49 – History (9th-15th December). I had many more ideas for this one and decided to get on it early. It’s not quite what I had in mind but overall I quite like it.

Week 49-history.jpg

Next week’s prompt is party and I have many days to come up with an idea.

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