A Christmas Feast And Other Stories by Katie Fforde – A Book Review

I have read a few books this week, 2 Agatha Raisin books (earlier review here) and I’m listening to an audiobook aswell; I’ll review the audiobook later this week once I’ve finished it.

This week for my book challenge I thought I’d try a different sort of book, specifically a collection of short stories.  A Christmas Feast And Other Stories is a book I came across in The Works for £1 and had to have it. Katie Fforde is easily my favourite chick lit author and I have read all of her other books, consequently my expectation were high. This particular book is a collection of short stories, some more festive than others but all fluffy and lovely. I had come across a few of them before in the Kindle book store which I was slightly disappointed about but there was enough new work to keep me entertained.

katie fforde

Her writing style, fluidity and likable characters are all there and for this time of year I found the book ideal. Inevitably the shortness of the stories meant that the pace was hurried and seemed at times rushed but in general I think they read well. My one negative comment (which may be a bit unfair) is that it seems as though the book is merely a way to cash in on half formed ideas and stories she’s decided not to write. A lot of them come across as a writing prompt or an exercise. I can imagine her trying to write this year’s book and going through a few ideas before choosing one, then as an after-thought throwing together a few of the rejects as a book. It may be my natural cynicism but I doubt she sits down intending to write short stories for a collection.

Perhaps it doesn’t matter how the book came about, the book is enjoyable, easy to read and will undoubtedly give you the warm fluffy feeling you’d expect. That being said as one who is used to her full length stories it seems oddly unsatisfying. The end of the story, the resolutions all come too quickly and too easily. Overall I think any negativity I feel about this book can probably be attributed to short stories in this genre apparently not being my thing. If you like short stories, or are short on time these tidy, bitesize pieces of chick lit then I’m sure this book will be right up your street.

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