Daily Doodle – 19 day update (February)

I may not have posted my doodles lately, but I have been drawing them. So now that I have finally got around to getting them onto the computer, here they are. There are a lot of practice collection, cartoon faces, eyes, noses mouths, feet, hands. But also several drawings done as a favour for a friend and a few random sketches that took my fancy. I did manage to end the collection on a splash of colour which I am very pleased about after days of pencil sketches.

I don’t know if I ever mentioned before, but with these and the 52 Week Illustration Challenge entries, I don’t get a re-do. I have one page of my sketch book assigned to the task and I have to make the most of whatever I end up doing; I cant just start a new one if I don’t like. It helps to keep me focused and settle on one image, otherwise I could be forever chasing a better doodle. I just though I’d mention it in case you’ve ever wondered why there are sometimes pictures that don’t quite seem to fit in.

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