Daily Doodle – 9 day update (middle of March)

I am away on holiday for the time being and have taken only a pen and pencil with me as well as a new sketchbook; I do have a few supplies out here but they are quite basic. You will notice in this collection some bold clumsy colours from children’s felt tip pens, some pale depthless colours from children’s crayons (like trying to colour with plastic) and my personal favourite, gel pen drawings. I love drawing, sketching and colouring with gel pens because it gives such a fluid bold line and colour. In terms of inspiration I’m feeling quite drawn to architecture at the moment and some of the Spanish streets here about provide some great scenes. I actually tried drawing from life for the first time in a long time and rediscovered why I don’t do it often; people do insist on moving.

I am without scanner for the time being and relying on my old faithful digital camera so the photos aren’t at their best. Anyway, overall I like these. As always comments, suggestion and ideas are always welcome, I struggle for ideas often.

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