Daily doodles – the best of the rest

Way, way back, at the end of 2015 I started a daily doodle challenge. I did complete the challenge however never did get around to posting the doodles for the second half of the year. So here is a best of the rest from that challenge. During this time I discovered Posca pens and thoroughly enjoyed developing a new style which has become integral to a lot of what I do currently (more on this coming soon).

A Long Overdue Daily Doodle 23 day update (June 2016)

It has been ages since I uploaded me daily doodles. Rest assured I have been doodling daily, it just seemed such a hassle to scan them all in, but finally I have managed it, at least for June. I’m still enjoying the use of my tanned scrapbook, and the new Posca pens. In fact I treated myself to set so I now have more than just black and white.

Enjoy this set of doodles whilst you can, because July brings with it  bit of an uninspired spell. But before we get there, appreciate the bright, vivid colours of this lot, because I have. It’s hard to pick a favourite, but it would have to be either the pig, the chicken or the jaguar.

Oil Pastels & Posca Pens, A Daily Doodle Update- 19 Day Update (May – June 2016)

19 more daily doodles lie ahead. A great highlight of this bunch is some new art materials. I got my hands on a 36 pack of Faber-Castel oil pastels second hand (hardly used) for 3 Euro! I used to love working in oil pastels, they give such bold colours, and there is a childish, hands-on feel to them that makes me smile; they’re kind of like a more sophisticated version of wax crayons.

I also splashed on on 2 Posca paint pens. I’d heard such great things about their versatility and thickness of pigment I thought I’d give them a go. I bought a white one about 2 mm thick and a black about 1 mm thick. The black is great, though my scratchy toned scrap book I’ve been using is a bit hard on the nib, but the white is a little disappointing. The pigment is a bit weak and Doesn’t really paint over dark colours as well as I’d hoped. One of my greatest missions in life is to find the perfect white pen/pencil for art highlights, as yet I haven’t found it.

I’m trying to cut down on animations based doodles, but there’s still a few; they’re a comfortable fall back when I don’t know what to do. They’re also relatively easy, look clean and tidy with little effort and I am inherently lazy; they are the easy option. There’s a couple more architectural type doodles,  these are a newly discovered favorite of mine. I have only really started to draw buildings this year so I have the daily doodle challenge to thank for this discovery.

So without further ado, here are 19 doodles, judge for yourself whether the new art supplies were worth my excitement.

Daily Doodle – 19 Day Update (May 2016)

A bit of a mixed bag the last few weeks. There’s been a few practice days and a few sketches that I spent a long time on. I’m still drawing a lot of movie and T.V. based pictures, but I’ve branched out and started trying to use toned paper; it’s amazing, why didn’t I use it before! You may have to take my word for it though as it doesn’t photograph very well.

I have created my very first sketchbook tour video on youtube, so if you want to hear what i have to say about my first sketchbook of daily doodles then click sketchbook tour video.

I have also done my first time-lapse video of a full sketch, in this case it is the peregrine falcon from 07/05/16. You can find this at Falcon time-lapse video.

Check out the videos, like, comment and share if you feel so inclined.


Daily Doodle – 21 Day Update (most of April 2016)

I have spent the last several weeks in Spain and consequently I have been working with very limited supplies. I’ve particularly been focusing on line work, and cross hatching which I think suited the available materials better and I think I’m getting the hang of it. You may notice that there are quite a few uninspired pictures in this collection, I just haven’t been feeling it, never mind. There are a few I like, generally those based on animations, but also my attempt at Bellatrix Lestrange.

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Tuesday 01-03-16. A spot of fan art. I went to see Deadpool and thought he would suit a simple sketch. It got more complicated, nothing seemed the right colour.

Daily Doodle – 14 day update (March/April)

I am still out in Spain with limited art supplies; it’s a hard life. Despite this I really like almost all these drawings. I think the word doodle might be a bit misleading or insulting as some these had quite a bit of time and focus spent on them so don’t imagine I can doodle these in 10 minutes flat.

I’ve had a bit more of a focus on architectural drawings, and particularly focusing on keeping things clean and neat, which is not my usual style. There’s also a few drawings based on animated movies which are always nice and easy to draw. My drawing materials this week were mostly my standard gel pens, felt tip pens and pencils probably costing in all about £4. but for the fist time in a long time I used some soft pastel pencils on a picture. I love soft pastels, they’re very forgiving and malleable, this particular set I’d had for many years and just forgotten I had them. I tried to look this set up but it seems they don’t exist any more, anyhow, I wouldn’t have recommended them, they’re a bit scratchy, but that could just be their age.

Without further ado, here are the last 15 days of doodles:


Daily Doodle – 9 day update (middle of March)

I am away on holiday for the time being and have taken only a pen and pencil with me as well as a new sketchbook; I do have a few supplies out here but they are quite basic. You will notice in this collection some bold clumsy colours from children’s felt tip pens, some pale depthless colours from children’s crayons (like trying to colour with plastic) and my personal favourite, gel pen drawings. I love drawing, sketching and colouring with gel pens because it gives such a fluid bold line and colour. In terms of inspiration I’m feeling quite drawn to architecture at the moment and some of the Spanish streets here about provide some great scenes. I actually tried drawing from life for the first time in a long time and rediscovered why I don’t do it often; people do insist on moving.

I am without scanner for the time being and relying on my old faithful digital camera so the photos aren’t at their best. Anyway, overall I like these. As always comments, suggestion and ideas are always welcome, I struggle for ideas often.

Daily Doodle – 12 day update (early March)

I struggled for inspiration for this lot. Some of them I’m very pleased with, others I would never show anyone if it weren’t for the sake of continuity. There were a few days in here when laziness spawned creativity. My pencil was downstairs and I was upstairs, consequently I had to jump straight in with pen, (obviously i wasn’t going to go all the way down stairs for my pencil). I actually really like the pen pictures and will likely do more.

I’m away for the next few weeks and only taking the most basic of supplies – sketch book, pen and pencil, but I shall be reunited with my best white pen. I have really missed it.

Daily Doodle – 10 Day Update (End of February 2016)

I’m more organised this week and therefore have managed to get my pictures online a bit quicker. I’m proud of this bunch, there’s some intricate work, some good colours and mostly some well finished pieces. My particular focus lately (if you can see any focus at all) is expressions; I’ve noticed I’m not very good at giving characters any personality so I’ve been trying to improve. I think mostly I’ve succeeded; perhaps further exaggeration would help.