The 52 Week Illustration Challenge – April and May 2016

Here are 2 months of illustration challenge entries. They are still losing out to my daily doodles for time and effort but some of them turn out well. In fact once more I have been one of the picks of the week! All but one of the entries over the last 2 months I have drawn from imagination, which I consider to be progress. Only the magpie was based on a photo, and even that got suitably altered.

The prompts were as follows: week 14 – camping, week 15- ocean, week 16- mirror, week 17 – collector, week 18- grandmother, week 19 – adventure, week 20 – still life and week 21 – ink.

Week 21 – ink is the week for which my image was selected as a pick of the week. You can check out the 52 week illustration challenge blog here to see the other chosen images for that week and all the other weeks.

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Tuesday 01-03-16. A spot of fan art. I went to see Deadpool and thought he would suit a simple sketch. It got more complicated, nothing seemed the right colour.

The 52 Week Illustration Challenge – March 2016

This month I managed my greatest illustration achievement to date, and that was to be one of the editors picks for the week for the Illustration challenge. I was truly chuffed, you can see my picture amongst the other picks for week 9 – watercolour of the illustration challenge blog.

Below are my 5 entries for March, as usual with me some of these I think are good, others were rushed token efforts. But I am still on time and have not missed a week and I am duly impressed with myself. The prompts were as follows: Week 9 – Watercolour, Week 10 – Animal, Week 11 – Mother, Week 12 – Non-dominant hand and Week 13 – Movement. I am without a scanner at present to the images aren’t the best.

The 52 Week Illustration Challenge – February 2016

Below are my efforts for the February’s 4 weeks of the 2016 illustration challenge. I seem to have been cutting the deadline pretty tight on these so some were a little rushed but over all I’m pleased with these. The prompts were 1920’s, Printing, Kindergarten and Horizon. As a I mentioned last month, the standard is really high and next month I’m going to add a few of my favourites for the month assuming I get their creators permission.

For any others considering joining in the 52 week illustration challenge or people wanting to see all the images, maybe to source an illustrator, the blog can be found at and the Facebook page at

Daily Doodle – 19 day update (February)

I may not have posted my doodles lately, but I have been drawing them. So now that I have finally got around to getting them onto the computer, here they are. There are a lot of practice collection, cartoon faces, eyes, noses mouths, feet, hands. But also several drawings done as a favour for a friend and a few random sketches that took my fancy. I did manage to end the collection on a splash of colour which I am very pleased about after days of pencil sketches.

I don’t know if I ever mentioned before, but with these and the 52 Week Illustration Challenge entries, I don’t get a re-do. I have one page of my sketch book assigned to the task and I have to make the most of whatever I end up doing; I cant just start a new one if I don’t like. It helps to keep me focused and settle on one image, otherwise I could be forever chasing a better doodle. I just though I’d mention it in case you’ve ever wondered why there are sometimes pictures that don’t quite seem to fit in.

The 52 Week Illustration Challenge – January

Below are my efforts for the first 4 weeks of the 2016 illustration challenge. I must admit some of these are a bit half hearted. The standard this year so far has been intimidatingly high.

For any others considering joining in the 52 week illustration challenge or people wanting to see all the images, maybe to source an illustrator, the blog can be found at and the Facebook page at

Christmas Crafts Revealed

Before Christmas I mentioned I was working on some Christmas crafts, and after flicking through a few old posts and photos I realised I haven’t shared the results of my efforts, so here they are. These were all given as gifts, one was commissioned by a friend; the others I made for my siblings.


The 52 Week Illustration Challenge – The final few weeks

2015 is nearly over, and I have managed to do the last 3 weeks illustration roughly on time. Go me!

I have enjoyed participating in this and shall continue with next year’s challenge hopefully completing all weeks on time, unlike this year.

The link for ‘The 52 week illustration challenge’ blog page is here if you would like to see the rest of the world’s contributions, or are considering participating yourself.


52 Week Illustration Challenge: Week 48 (Warm) and 49 (History)

I’m on track! I submitted last week’s on the 8th and this week’s today (10th)- ahead of schedule for me.

Week 48 – warm (2nd-8th December), is not one I enjoyed, I saw so many cups of hot drinks, log fires and the like that I just couldn’t think of anything and so put it off until the last minute. In the end I rushed a quick drawing as you can see. Not my best piece of work but it’s something.

Week 48-warm.jpg

Week 49 – History (9th-15th December). I had many more ideas for this one and decided to get on it early. It’s not quite what I had in mind but overall I quite like it.

Week 49-history.jpg

Next week’s prompt is party and I have many days to come up with an idea.

52 Week Illustration Challenge. Up to now.

I joined the illustration challenge back in August during week 32 which had a prompt of fabric. The weeks run from Wednesday to Wednesday and week 47: Play has just closed. Below are all my entries so far; you’ll notice I have filled in some earlier entries, and missed a few later ones, such is life.