Ecclesiastes – A View on Life and Happiness

I have just recorded the whole of Ecclesiastes in the NLT version which can be found here.

Ecclesiastes has always been one of my favourite books of the Bible, though that might seem odd with some of its negative themes, it has always made sense to me and echoed many of my own thoughts. There are many well-known quotes and ideas in Ecclesiastes that are used in everyday life that perhaps people aren’t aware are biblical. For example ‘There is a time for everything’ or ‘Meaningless, meaningless everything is meaningless’, ‘We can’t take our riches with us’, also ‘Eat drink and be merry’ is a concept that is brought up often as the writer sees the expanse of life and its purpose.


As one who has often looked to the past and future and recognised the futility of all efforts, it is comforting to read Solomon’s view on life. He too see’s that what we do in the end comes to nothing. That history repeats itself in cycles, each generation forgets the earlier ones, the time and effort we take to build our fortunes is left to someone else. Continue reading