The Humble (or not so humble) Round Robin – A How To.

It’s that time of year. Taking stock of last year, planning the upcoming year. What were your highlights and what do you want to change next year? Where did you go and who did you see? In the age of social media where we are constantly updating the world on our lives I think the round robin tradition is starting to disappear and I’m not sure I like it.

If you don’t know what a round robin is, it is essentially a family newsletter that summarises the year of each member of the household, often each member contributes their own comments and there are usually a lot of pictures. It tends to be about 2 sides of A4 paper, at least that’s my experience. I have seen video versions, but essentially it’s a year summary. This newsletter is then sent to all the family and friends you think may be interested, or in some cases all the family and friends and enemies and acquaintances you think it will impress. Continue reading